Imagine if
..... there were no wars

War Memorial - restored

Parades have started from here, parades have ended here, stump speeches have been given here, wreaths and flags are placed here, soldiers from every war since World War I have stood here. The Doughboy, a war memorial, is a place to gather, to remember Hobart residents that gave their lives for our country. The statue is located on the south end of town. The names of those who gave their lives are listed on the bronze plaques.

Newton Baker, Secretary of War, commissioned the statue of a WWI veteran. "The Spirit of The American Doughboy" was created in Spencer Indiana by E. M. "Dick" Viquesney. He was the son of an immigrant stone-marble carver who came here because Spencer is on the edge of the stone belt in southern Indiana. We know there are more than 65 courthouses, lawns, parks and public squares throughout the nation where the Doughboy is displayed. Nobody knows the exact number and location of all the statues. Viquesney died before information could be gathered about how many and where all the Doughboys are located. Hobart's Doughboy was erected in 1926.


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